“You can have your garden & eat it too!”

At Under the Sun, we are passionate about creating landscapes that are both beautiful and edible!  We have an extensive resource of highly aesthetic edible plants, including unique and unfamiliar varieties of berries, fruits, nuts, herbs and veggies of all shapes and sizes. 

The benefits of creating edible landscapes at home are huge and far reaching:

  • Reduce your household’s ecological footprint by producing much of your fresh produce right at your doorstep thereby organically eliminating the need for costly and polluting transportation.
  • Enrich your family’s nutrition by incorporating rare & diverse berries, fruits, nuts, herbs and veggies with the full vitality of eating freshly picked produce.
  • Become a steward of rare and often almost extinct native and non-native foods.
  • Kids love it!!!  Create a safe, chemical-free, beautiful space for your children to interact with nature in a direct way, including the awe-inspiring act of harvesting and eating delicious foods straight from the source.

Whether you’re inspired to create a full scale Edible Landscape, or if you’d simply like to integrate a vegetable garden, fruit trees or a herb spiral into your design, Under the Sun can help you with every step of the way.  The possibilities are almost endless.