Under the Sun Ecological Landscaping provides a diversity of professional stone and interlock services. 
Whether you are looking to put in a path, patio, driveway, or retaining- wall, we’ll come up with the right design to match your taste, needs and budget.
When it comes to quality, we’re #1! That’s why every job we do comes backed up with our guarantee on craftsmanship and durability.

Stone services:

  • Flagstone
  • Stone Walls (dry-stacking)
  • Raised Beds & Planters
  • Stone Terraces
  • Stone Patios
  • Stone Paths
  • Stone Steps & Stairways
  • Cobble-stone driveways
  • Stone-finishing (e.g. on concrete steps and surfaces)
  • Dry-river beds
  • Ponds

Interlock services:

  • Driveways  (green driveways, interlock and cobble)
  • Retaining Walls (uni-lock and others)
  • Patios (interlock and cobble)
  • Paths (interlock and cobble)
  • Steps & Stair-ways
  • Raised beds & Planters

Looking to go highly-ecological?  Ask us today about our eco-friendly stone and interlock services such as green-driveways, dry-stacking and more!